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What we can do for you.

Quality Entertainment for your unique unforgetable event!!


BraziCali Events is a production company, which harnesses the absolute best of dance culture around the world and delivers it to your party or event. With a vast diversity of show collections at our disposal, we draw on the greatest from the choreography, music, entertainment and dance industries to deliver an incredible and unique experience.


 Our unparalleled entertainers, dancers, and musicians will effortlessly impress your clients and guests with their professionalism, passion, inspirational techniques, and work. Although we have a wide variety of selection choices, there is certainly no sacrifice to quality, as we are affiliated with some of the finest performers available on the West Coast.


Whether it is a corporate function or a private venue, Brazicali will supply the absolute best entertainers, to create the party of your dreams. There is truly no comparable alternative that will match our professionalism, skills, or commitment to satisfy clients.


 Merely share your vision or aspirations with us, and Brazicali will ensure that it becomes a reality. After all, customer satisfaction and enjoyment are our top priorities, since we are tasked with not only pleasing our clients, but their gests as well.


Brazicali's mission is to provide your guests with an unforgettable and lasting experience. When selected for a job, we will grant our personal assurance that guests will depart from your event or gathering, with a positive sensation that they will be sharing for days to come.


As planning any event or major party requires an immense amount of effort and stress, let our professional staff handle the entertainment. Brazicali’s team will ensure your money’s worth and deliver a phenomenal experience. While it is up to clients to establish a theme, we promise that it will not only shine through in the entertainment, but also exceed your expectations. Contact us now for a free, nonobligatory estimate and get the party started!


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